Offering a Job to a Refugee or Displaced Person Living Overseas? Consider the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot

The government has now implemented its Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot which provides a path to permanent residence for refugees and displaced persons living overseas, who have not been integrated permanently into their host country, and who have a job offer from a Canadian employer. While there is a very limited intake for those without job offers (only 150 applications accepted each year) and those who are eligible for the Provincial Nominee Program, Atlantic Immigration Program, or Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (only 500 total), there is no cap for those who have a job offer.

Importantly, this program lowers the usual language requirements for Economic Class applicants and allows those with high-basic to low-intermediate English or French skills to apply. It also allows for jobs offers for positions that only require the completion of high school. The pilot requires that the applicant have one year of previous work experience. This presents employers with opportunities to hire refugees or displaced persons in order to fill various labour shortages. Further, application fees are waived, medical examination costs are covered by the Interim Federal Health Program available to refugees, access to the Immigration Loans Program is provided to help with the right of permanent residence fee and travel costs, and settlement assistance is also provided. The government has said it will try to process these applications in 6 months or less.

Given this, employers who are looking to fill labour shortages may want to consider the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot. In addition to benefitting their business, they would be providing a humanitarian service to a refugee or displaced person in need and their family. If this is something you’re interested in, reach out to one of our professionals today for a permanent residence consultation. Our Canadian immigration legal professionals can be reached by phone (416 368 1111) or via email:;;;;;