Francis Grignet

Lawyer, Galileo Partners

Thanks to his naturally-curious disposition, Francis is an immigration lawyer who offers outstanding, compassionate service to the firm’s clients.

Spending more than three years working for an international firm in Montreal as he completed his legal studies, Francis has since devoted his efforts to practicing business immigration and international mobility once he was called to the Quebec Bar. This specialization has allowed him to respond quickly and accurately to temporary and permanent immigration issues, as well as the citizenship applications and inadmissibility cases of the clients he represents.

Francis currently spends his days advising companies around the world on mobility strategies for their workers and handling the cases of entrepreneurs and individuals wishing to immigrate to Canada. Francis has a dual background in civil and common law in Canadian and Quebec jurisdiction, a tremendous asset in the field of immigration. He is also an active member of the Sponsorship Committee of the CBA Immigration Section Annual Conference.